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Come Show with us

AEF memberships are also required for all horseback activities

Mother's Day Show - May 14th

Father's Day Show - June 18th

Series Finale - August 20



Rules & Regulations

1) EQUINE CANADA rules are guidelines. Judge’s decision is final. Click Here to view EC Rulebook.


2) CROSS ENTRY RULES:  a) The same rider cannot ride the same horse in walk/trot and loping classes.  The walk/trot rider can still participate in Gymkhana classes but may only walk/trot.  b) Two riders may not SHARE the same horse except for walk/trot, or one rider English, one rider Western.  c) Riders may enter multiple horses, but registration fees are charged per horse/rider combination. Separate numbers will be issued. Please note: Points will be accumulated based on horse/rider combination, not just the rider.


3) SHOW CLOTHES: Show Clothes are not required, but boots must have heels, shirts need collars and sleeves, and pants must be riding appropriate! Tack and clothing must be safe!  ASTM/SEI approved HELMETS are highly recommended for riders of all ages and are MANDATORY for ALL riders under 18 while mounted.


4) TACK RULES: Saddles and bridles should be appropriate to the discipline. Australian stock saddles are permissible in western classes. Side pulls, bitless bridles and bosals are allowed on any age horse. Western leverage bits are permitted in western classes only and must have a curb strap or western curb chain.  Two hands may be used on leverage bits in western classes. Western headstalls must not have a noseband, and all snaffle bits must have a leather chin strap. English leverage bits, such as kimberwicks and pelhams, are permitted in English classes only and must have a curb strap or English curb chain. Three piece snaffle bits are permitted, except for Dr. Bristol bits.  A crop no longer than 30cm will be permitted in the English and Hunter classes only. NO TRAINING AIDS such as martingales or draw reins will be permitted.  No flashes or drop nosebands. Gag bits and protective leg equipment are permissible in gymkhana classes only.


5) NUMBERS: A re-usable number will be provided to each horse/handler combination, and is to be returned at the end of each show. (Refundable $5 deposit per number is required.) If showing more than one horse it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure the correct number is worn when being judged.


6) EQUITATION CLASSES will not have patterns but the judge may ask for a halt, back up, side pass, dropping stirrups, extension, collection or other appropriate skills.

Special Note:  Walk = 4 beats, trot = 2 beats, canter = 3 beats.  Anything else and the horse is considered to not be performing the gait and should be judged accordingly.


7) HUNTER HACK – Cross-rails. Maximum 2 feet. All competitors will have a practice jump. We respect the judge’s right to ask a competitor to discontinue if the horse or rider appears unsafe or unprepared for the level of the class. NOTE: Class will only run if at least 3 pre-entries are received.


8) TRAIL – Trail will be run on the grass concurrently with the Gymkhana classes. No practicing of obstacles without the Judge’s permission.


9)  STALLIONS handlers must be 18 and over.  


10)  Water is available.  Bring your own bucket & feed. Please clean up after your horse.


11) Concession will be available.


12)  Safety is Cooking Lake Saddle Club’s main concern at horse shows. The show judge, any two Executive Members, including a Trail Boss and/or Ring Official, reserve the right to excuse participation to those demonstrating unsafe or inhumane behaviors prior, during or after any equine function.  (Reckless riding in the staging area, practicing/playing on trail class equipment without judge’s permission, etc.) These same two Executive Members also reserve the right to request non riders (parents and children) to cease unsafe practices in the vicinity of the horse show. (Playing ball too close to horses, not supervising children, etc.)


13) Show Committee or judge reserves the right to refuse any Entry.


14) Abuse of horses will NOT be tolerated.


13) ON THE SHOW GROUNDS - All dogs must be on leashes and children must be controlled on the grounds and kept away from the arena fences. No galloping in the field. Walking only around the trailer parking area.  No horses near the bleachers or concession area. 


14) MEMBERSHIP – No CLSC Memberships sold day of show(s). 


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