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Club meetings are monthly from October - May as we all know how busy the summer can get, especially for horse enthusiasts who like to take advantage of the warmer weather. We meet to discuss events and ideas as a group as well as have an educational speaker or demonstration. Please join our Facebook page as well as events will be created to help you remember dates or choose which meetings and events you would like to attend!


General meetings are the second Monday of the month and are held at Looma Hall (unless otherwise indicated) @ 7pm. Each meeting will have some sort of club activity afterward.


You do not require a current membership to come to our General Meetings and social events. If you know someone who may be interested in a topic at a meeting feel free to bring them along. The more the merrier.

2018 Events/Meetings

NOVEMBER 12, 2018 - TOPIC: Western Dressage

One of our long standing members is the current president of the local Western Dressage Association and she is going to talk to us about the fairly new and fast growing discipline.


Come, bring food, eat with us and cheer on all of our yearly award recipients! Remember it's not just show people getting awards. We have a wonderful outstanding member awards as well as our first round of versatility awards will be given out

Please check our facebook to see what needs to be brought for dinner

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